Friday, January 6, 2017

We made a switch to HOD mid year and here is week one review.

Well I can't do a complete review being We didn't do all of it but here is the history part of the curriculum as we are still waiting on some of the other books still to arrive.  Heart of Dakota is what I used when I first homeschooled my oldest back in 1st grade and I loved it then and in 3rd grade. this year we started something completely different but on January 2nd we switched back to Resurrection to Reformation with my younger two and really I only did Unit one with my middle child and my youngest will start doing it with us next week.
  How I do things different before we get too far into this.  I have the Rod and Staff books for language and just work through them lesson by lesson I got the workbook and tests for them.  For math we use teaching textbooks and that works well for us.   Bible I use the Awana and for the devotional bible time I have a book called Maidens of Virtue that I wanted to do with my daughter so we are just working through that. (Mainly because this is technically my second curriculum I have purchased and the budget doesn't fit everything anymore.) We are not doing Shakspere for the same reason I just stated we will maybe do some with him later in life.

 Day one was a lot of fun for us as we looked through photos of my grandpa in Rome in WWII with some of the arches.  Knowing that her Great Grandpa that she knew was in the places they talked about in the books make it so much more interesting for her. She loved the living books rather than the textbook style we tried before.  She loved making the dry clay and forming it into the pieces.

  Day two was a little rough as we took off the Tuesday for her birthday and restarted it on Wednesday.  Again she enjoyed the living books they did get a bit graphic but out kids love the Lord of the Rings books and movies so we didn't skip it.  The backdrop drawing she got a little ahead of me on and made a modern Rome city behind the arch so I guess I am just going to let it go as she had the road right
    Day three My son was also thrilled by the Forbidden Gates book and what all she was doing so he was right with us after he finished his school and that is when we decided to add him in next week.
  Day four I struggle with reading myself so it needs to be quiet and peaceful for me to pronounce some of these names or not get distracted.  The kids were getting a little restless so we pulled out the drawing stuff and here is what we ended with at the end. I love how my creative girl can use the things she does with her hands to remember the important parts of her school.  Notice the shields symbols that is a huge part of the reason they won the battle.
    I really enjoy the way this is all laid out for the teacher too. I was visiting with a friend a few weeks ago and though oh my that is too overwhelming but no we can do it as long as I know we don't do all the boxes because we have other things we do.  I am very happy with unit ones results.  The layout for the teachers guild is on the Heart of Dakota website I have it linked HERE.  We love it hope you check it out and I can't wait until we have everything and look forward to years to come wiht this program.

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