Sunday, September 18, 2016

Setting my heart on fire for him!

When my heart is overflowing you hear it.  We have had great sermons the past few weeks after a crazy summer I feel blessed to be filled with a passion to spread Gods word.   Week one and two of being back at church after spending almost a whole month away from our church pastor preached on using our workplace as a place to find Gods joy and share it.  I am now a stay at home homeschooling mom. Hmmm that's funny I don't think I have been home a full day other than maybe two Saturdays in the past month.  Well then that opens up my mission field.  I see an average of even just 5 people a day in my little stops here and there that I can share the truth of Gods word with just a smile and kinds words because God says the greatest thing is to love.  Here is my story of how a mission field expands to way more than I can touch in just a month.
   I have had many people struggle with the fact that I have been to Ukraine twice on a mission trip how come I spend all that money and time to travel halfway across the world to share the gospel with people that have an amazing faith.  The thing that hit me more this past month and a half since I have been home is the amount of people I have shared the stories of faith that the people have there and how God provided for us each step of the way.
   The first place I shared was with the kids in my group in Ukraine which was 12 kids they went home shared with their families.  I would guess even if they  just had two people each of them shared with that is 24 more people that got to hear about Jesus.  The youth night I meet 26 youth plus 6 adults and if they each shared with one more person that I was saved because I wanted to go to heaven after finding out my sister was dying than that is now 66 people that have heard about Jesus. We also had a ladies night that my teammate shared at that had 16 or so people at that we hope shared with up to one person about where they went that night that brings it up to almost one hundred people that learned about Gods love for the first time or just a reminder when some of them may have been down and needing to have hope from somewhere. On our way through the airports, we were asked by 6-10 security personal about what we did on our travels along with the people on our flights that asked us. When we got back in the state my family and friends found out about a few things that I shared on facebook so that is another hundred or so people.  We shared with our Church and the women's group here so they could once again see the results of what God was doing through their time and funds they put into the trip we are now well over 400 people that heard about it.  Then I shared with my dentist and his assistant, the hair stylist, our waiter was shocked I like straight up tea well that came from the trip to Ukraine so I shared with her.  So would you spend $10 to share with someone about the gospel because when it comes down to the $ which we Americans put in such a high standard on  was it worth the money? NO Doubt in my mind it was!
   My team member and I could go in secret and give the food shelter $6000 worth of food but then how does that spread the gospel?
   We could and I now hope to see something more done here with less.  I hope to see things
open up to do family movie nights at our church to open up the doors that we could use the building to bring his people in and fellow ship that they would eventually come to hear and see Christ lived out.  Today what do I feel God is calling me to do? I feel God is calling me to just love everyone I meet no matter what the background they come from or the clothing they wear.  When you don't think you can share the gospel remember that you are the gospel if you have a story where God showed up when you least expected it.  I have lots of hard thing in life that I have been through and I could sit and dwell on them.  Trust me there are days where I know Satin is wanting me to do just that.  I find the days that I feel the most like pouting and staying in bed are the days I end up having the most doors open and see God at work after it is all said and done.

 My prayer for you today is that God would put a fire in you to share with just one person one thing that he has done in your life that you can't help but know that you were blessed by.  This can be as simple as having a friend call you to as big as a life changing event that you know God played a huge role in.  Look for the little things and you will find big blessings.

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