Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our hands!

What have we done with our hands?  I think when I look at the older generation like my grand parents and back.  Where did the wrinkles come from; all the things they did with their hands "I ponder what have I done with my hands?".
  I just wrote a poem for a dear prayer warrior of mine and placed it with a picture of her hands. It tells the little bit of the path her hands have been on and how they have blessed others.  With that I wondered if my kids or others ever sit down and think about my hands what would they think of my hands.  My hands have not done near enough holding and caressing my kids as they should have, I am a stern mom when it comes to injuries "Get up and keep going." I will usually say.  My hands can be demanding at times.  Then I think of the times my hands do cuddle the kids and hold them after a bad day at school.  I have not been the best at letting my kids see my hands in prayer even though I pray they are not always folded.  My hands do lay on them as I tuck them in most nights and say the same prayer that the kids have begged for as it is our bedtime prayer.   If I think about it I hope that what my kids know my hands for is that they did have love and as they get older they see the little bumps and bangs were making them tough enough but when they needed my hands for the rougher stuff my hands where there full of love.
  What hands do you remember growing up? Did you have someone that had hands of love and protection.  I know some of you had hands that you feared and my question to you is what are the hands you have and how will they impact the Generations to come.
  My kids all know that Hannah prayed daily for our family and my husbands health the day I went to see Hannah for possibly the last time my oldest daughter came with me and what a blessing it was to share that time with her as well. Hannah as of this morning is still with us but we know her days are very near the end and with that It brings me to reflect on my hands.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for the hands of others who come along side of me and carry me through the tough stuff. I thank you for the hands that twitch with laughter as friends are gathered. I thank you for the hard working hands that bring us what you provide. Lord I thank you for the hard times as I know that some have lost their hands and I thank you for the Dr.s that are their to care for them along with the people that you intrust to care for those that have emotional battles because of it. Lord I think you that you have blessed me with the hands that pray more than anything.  I pray for those who struggle with the fear of the hands that should be there to love and care for them. Lord I pray that you open the eyes to the angry hands that they will come to find you.  Thank you Jesus For your love and the sacrifice of taking nails in your hands that we might have hope in heaven.
In Jesus name AMAN

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