Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What if We Homeschool?

4th, 6th & 8th grade
   I have been contemplating weather or not to homeschool my children next year.  This is not an easy decision to make as so many pros and cons to both sides of the debate. Where most of the culture debates this is in the fact of socialization which for my older two school has been very negative. The biggest fear for me is the work load it adds but then the work load it releases at this stage in our lives as well. We live 11 miles from school and I pick the kids up at least three days a week due to them having to leave school early to catch a near by district bus to get home. I would also not be working so that would bring down my business.  The  choice of curriculum I am looking at is well laid out with little prep needed.
   Our families reason to look at homeschool are a variety. The negative socialization which our kids have been dealing with. Our middle child has a lot of health issues and gets wore out fast. My youngest is on target for his age but is in a class of 5 advanced students so he feels down about how he is doing in school.  I have one book learning very advanced child and two right on target that learn well the old fashioned way and the common core standards used in our school throws them off.  I have always felt that the parents know what way our children learn best. What are the most important relationships I want my kids to have? I want them to build bonds between them not letting others influence them to turn against each other we started a new bible study called My Brothers Keeper it lets them see the purpose of siblings and why God gave us family. Family is huge to me as I lost my sister when I was 14 and our extended family is close but that has taken a lot of work from each person involved but I think most of it is the nonjudgmental teaching of my mom.  
   The reasons I fear homeschooling my kids again are there as well. It has been 4years since we put our kids back in the public school system. The main reason at that time was my 3rd grader was more advanced than I was at reading.  I didn’t know the resources that I could use to make sure she was getting what she needed. We are looking at her doing Language Arts and Math online this up coming year.  I am also an extrovert and being home with three young kids drove me crazy having very few people around me that homeschooled. I have since been able to meet some people and  now am willing to make an hour trip to a homeschooling group that used to cut into nap time with my youngest.  
    I have had many questions about this topic in the past few months as it is becoming more of a possibility over time.  We are signed up for a homeschooling conference to look into the possibilities and to make sure that we do what we feel is best for our children as God entrusted us with them to teach his ways to. Do I feel that means keeping them hidden or not exposing them to the world no. My children are involved in sports and 4H and that will not stop along with the exposure to a very large extended family that at this point all the cousins are public schools except two but they are in a private school setting.  If you are concerned about any part of your child’s life I pray that the Lord leads you to take maybe not the easy way but the way less traveled and the way that is best for them(this is not referring to discipline that is abusive). Don’t feel pressured by the people that may hold judgment on your decisions that is not their place as Luke 6:37 says
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;