Tuesday, February 23, 2016

His Plan For Today

When the morning sun shines what is on my agenda?  Do I have my priorities in place as I toss and turned this morning knowing that my husband was on the road at 2:00am for what has become his few times a week trucking run. I thought about what was on my agenda and is it the most important things for today?
 Well, lets just say I don't make much of an agenda for Feb 23rd today I had to work (I sub in my kids school) and then we went out to eat.  I tend to make this an easy day each year as it is the anniversary of my sisters death.  
God always has a plan though and it was a very sweet day when you look back over the hard stuff of the day. My oldest finally stepped up and made known the harassment that has been going on over the past few weeks at school.  In middle school it is never fun to be the one to step up and say I have an issue with the way that the other students are behaving but even more so in a middle school with about 20 kids 6-8th grade you can get stabbed in the back and defriended by them all very fast.   On my lunch I was asked how I was doing with it and it brought me to tears as a previous post about my daughter dealing with bullying talked about how when we are feeling bad for our children it reminds me of how god hurts for us as we pain.  I was not only grieving today but I was also feeling pain that my daughter was feeling emotional pain.  The last few minutes of my lunch brake I got to call and give my husband an update on the day.  He said he had a few mins after school to meet us before heading to meetings for the night.
We pulled into Dairy Queen and there he was waiting in his truck with a bouquet of flowers.  Yellow roses and purple flowers they were beautiful he gave them to me than kissed the kids and said goodnights since he wouldn't be home than on his way he went. I decided that the drive thru would be best being I was not in that great of mood to sit in the restaurant with the kids.  I remember that I am not a fan of the drive thru or the DQ in our town as the workers are not the fastest.
After pulling up to the window and paying for the order I expressed my frustration to my oldest and she said lets give her a rose. The look on her face was priceless. The lady working about cried she said Yellow roses are my favorite flower she had been admiring the bouquet from the window.  How can I express the joy it brought to our car. My three children had experienced what a simple thing can do for others especially those whom we struggle with.

Proverbs 3:3
Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The hardest times

The past few weeks have been eye openers for me. Who God is wanting me to be has really on the for front of my mind. He has called me to slow down and search for him in all I do. Take back the fast paced environment that has been leading me to a never feeling good enough feeling. A feeling of nothing I do is worthy of my time. This makes me then ask myself what is it that God has called me to for him not me.
  I don't know other than to slow down and let him lead. We tend to lead our own path and we want to be in control of what we have planned for the days to come but what if we are not supposed to be where we thought we should be. What if that's a selfish and impatient decision not even close to what God is calling us to do? Do we really look at it and change the plans we have to mach Gods or do we move forward with the plan in hopes that it is OK enough that God will be able to see we have the best plan anyway.
  Are you willing to step up and change what you thought God had for you when you realize his plan is much harder maybe even painful at times but after we complete the plan we may see that the hard times made it worth our time.