Monday, September 28, 2015

A different plan than my own!

  I had a plan to take the kids on a quick trip to my parents 5 hours north east from our house for the weekend.  My husband was in the field about 4 hours west of home he has about a week or so left in his harvest for this season. Friday the kids had an early release due to homecoming parade so I had the car all packed and ready to go other than a few things including my purse. I went to put out the dogs three days worth food and water to ensure he would be fine when we were gone. I went back in the house grabbed my water and phone and locked the door behind me!  I got about a mile down the road and checked to make sure I had my purse with the checks my husband needed me to put in the business bank account before leaving town.  I turned around and came home to find that the key for the house was on the keychain in the house!  I only had 15 mins to get to the kids about 12miles away so I took off for town at that point calling my husband in a panic because I knew the other set of keys was with him 4 hours the opposite direction of where I wanted to be for the weekend. Long story short I finally called the neighbor over and he broke in one of our windows on the second floor that was the easiest one to get in.
   After a successful drive to my parents we had a restful night. Up near Duluth Minnesota this time of year you get fog but this weekend it was very heavy fog but still so peaceful in the Northwoods.   I was hoping to get to see the beautiful colors of the leaves changing but the trees were just starting to change.  Saturday my oldest and I took a road trip over to Wisconsin to meet my dear friends baby.  This was such a fun trip as we did a lot of talking and just enjoying each other.  She is 12 and really struggling with friends and what all comes with friend ships at that age as classmates are starting to take hold of values or the lack of values that they have been given by the people they are around.  During our conversation I took a wrong tune. My daughter said we were not lost just a little off track because I did know the area well.  It made me think of life how often we feel lost but really we know the way back to where we belong it just takes us longer to get there.  In the extra time I got to see my daughter  realize that I was not a perfect teen but also that the mistakes I made were not that bad and she learned the things in life I regret like spending so much time worried about who would like me and not enjoying more time with the people that enjoied being in my life.  Do I still look at life this way or do I truly trust that the Lord has placed the people around me for today and not stress about if they truly care about who I am r do I just trust that they are part of my day because we have a reason to be there at that time and place for a reason.  Once we made the trip back to my parents we enjoyed the day with family .
  We left Sunday for the usually easy
4.5hr drive. First we spend sometime driving around a local small town waiting for a phone call back to see if we could see someone in my planned weekend. Once again My plan was not right I was driving by on of the churches when I saw a friends mom whom had lost my friends sister just less than than a year ago.  My kids were already getting cranky about waisting time but I needed to stop and so I had a short visit with her in the parking lot of her church we talked about the loss as my family lost my sister in 1998 so I wanted her to know that they are still on my mind and in my prayers as the hurt doesn't stop after the funeral.
 Now the kids were beyond ready to just get on the road as they had plans for when they got home.  We did have another talk about being there for those that need you in a time of need weather it is in our plan or not and what is truly more important the 5mins I visited with my friends mom or the 5 mins they wanted to do something that would wait for them a week if they didn't get to it right then.
 One more stop at my in-laws to get some meat from the steer they butchered a few weeks ago and we were on the road.  My thought at that point we that we will be home plenty early as we did't visit the people I was hoping to in town and we had plenty of snacks to make it with very few stops along the way.
  About 55mins from the time we left my in-laws we were on the busiest stretch of road on our route home.  The rumble was not a rumble of the rumble strip but that of a flat tire so we pulled off on the first available side road and sure enough it was completely flat.  It is in these moments I am so glad that my dad made sure us girls knew how to change a flat tire. I watched as  cars and trucks would go by as I was unloading the truck of the car to the back seat then took the donut and jack out of the back . I watched as two guys and a lady were looking at a car for sale just up the road and I and the kids got the longest off the bolts and the tire jacked up when a couple  that had just moved from North Dakota stopped to help.  I know I can change a tire but I always fear that I will not get the lugs back on tight enough. I am just very grateful for this kind couple that stopped and was willing to change their plan to make a difference for someone else.