Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yummy Homemade Granola Recipe

   Today I am trying to regroup on this months plan.  Hurray for a snow day!!  Yes come the day after Easter I may not be so glade we have to make the day of school up.   Today I am going to rejoice in getting caught up on things I didn't get done over the weekend with company here.  I have made granola (five batches of the recipe below), had the kitchen cleaned once, finished a blog post on my who he is today blog, laundry is continuing, and I am getting caught up here.

     When we set up goals as a couple for our household our financial goal for the year is to stay on the cash envelope system.  My first goal is to stay in the weekly budget each week.  We do this by having it broke down into a weekly plan with the budgeted amounts and a place to write in the actual amount spent.  I withdrew the months amount but this month I withdrew less cash than the budgeted amount, because I had forgotten the envelopes when we had to get fuel so I took the $ from my fuel last month and put it away to be used in this months budget(this is not recommended).

    On Sunday night  I put enough for the week in each envelope and then the rest goes in a drawer for the other weeks.  Today is the third of March and I already spent $150 of the first weeks $200 budget much of this is because we purchased sale items for our family vacation this month in hopes to make homemade granola bars, trail mix, cookies, and more travel snacks.  One of the biggest expense in groceries can be cereal out of a box. Here is how we make our granola. (I wish I did it more often!)

Granola recipe!!
Here is what you need:
Large bowl
4c. Oatmeal (we use old fashion)
1c. Bran
1c. wheat germ
 The optional things we put in.
1/2 cup cashews
1c. almonds
2.TBS cinnamon
1c. coconut

Sauce pan
1/2c. honey
1/4c. Brown sugar
1/4c. coconut oil (my oil of choice)
2 tsp. of vanilla

Mix the top section of ingredients into the large bowl. I use as much of these as I have on hand, if not I will up one of the other ingredients to make it work.
On the stove melt the honey, brown sugar, & oil. Once they are melted together add the vanilla.  Bake in large pan, I use my roster pan but I also double or triple the batch each time.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15 mins then stir and then stir every 5-10 mins for 45mins or until the oats are a toasted brown color.   Make sure you get the stuff on the bottom and sides mixed in well each time you stir it. Turn off oven and let cool, once cooled put in air tight container.